From my book "Who am I"

May 28, 2010
By S.Ford BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
S.Ford BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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Case # 2418 p.h
In the case of a once great young man.

All Rise!!!

To see the fall of a once great young man
That would do anything for his hood
Who had a false state of mind
to think that everything could be good

A once great young man
Who blindly trust
This n***** wit my life in their hands
Dumb to think that all this n***** was my man’s
Once blind to the fact that this n**** are some rats
Once ready to ride or die
And not once ask why
Or what for
Just knowing you mess with my man’s…

But no more to say,
this once great young man is going away
no more ready to drop bombs
no more life of crime

It’s about time to end this

Life of Crime, this once great

Life of mine!

The author's comments:
This Heart of Mine

This heart of mine, will tell the time
That I used cheap pick up lines
This heart of mine talks a lot and
It don’t know when 2 stop.

This heart of mine will tell the time.
It made me do it all
From cry,
And even Want 2 die.

I have a heart. Yes, I’m man.
Love once lost,
Truth once found.

I trust my heart to never let me down!

Cupid’s Forever at Work <3<3<3

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