Ode to Dune Shores

May 28, 2010
By Anonymous

Under an expanse of beach umbrellas
as numerous and colorful as a field of wild flowers
Talking to cousins I haven’t seen in a year
while I contemplate which book in my pile I will read first
The masterminds and their shovels are revealed
as they dig a sand pit to catch an unsuspecting cousin
Beach toys and blankets scatter the sand
like wrapping paper on Christmas morning
Will we go to Mackinac Island with Grandma
on Monday or Tuesday
Breakfast in the Lodge
while the hummingbirds flit from feeder to feeder
A daily hand-dipped large ice cream cone
the first one of the week is free
Pasties with or without ketchup, cheese curds and fudge
the Hungarian heritage showing itself in chicken paprikash, lapin and modarte
To Java Joe’s for blackberry crepes
and the Bahama Mama 8 scoop sundae
Is there really a green flash as the sun disappears over Lake Michigan
Is the Mystery Spot really a natural phenomenon
that seems to call us to its experience each year
Will there be a huge $1.00 blitz game tonight
and can the last two players split the pot
Whose pasties are best...
Bessie’s with the flaky crust or Suzie’s
with the perfect combination of meat and rutabaga
Who is the joker that keeps putting Mystery Spot flyers
in everyone’s car, refrigerator, beach bag and golf cart
The R.W. golf scramble is on Wednesday
is there enough room for my name on the winner’s plaque
Running the sand dunes
until your legs ache and sand is falling out of your clothes
Swimming in the cold water
to the second sand bar and body surfing back
Hoping for bragging rights
when the Wooden Putter is won in the Putt Putt tournament
Relatives running and laughing
as frisbees, footballs, baseballs and euchre unfolds everywhere

The author's comments:
My mom inspired me to write this because she was telling me how awesome dune shores is and i then thought it would be perfect to write about.

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