But This Fall I Savor

May 28, 2010
Feeling so lost, though I say I am found
Smiling like I’m free, yet my wrists are bound
This supposed love is like a firewall,
Nothing’s coming through
This heart is in a freefall:
I wish that I could choose
It’s not my choice who loves me,
But I don’t have to return the favor
I’m falling like an autumn leaf,
But this fall I savor
Spinning, twisting, falling down
This lonesomeness the only sound
Feeling so lost, though you say I am found
You tell me I’m free, but my wrists are bound
You’re ironic, iconic, oxymoronic
You’re a plague, you’re a stage, you can save
Misunderstood, screaming, echoing
Inside of my head
My eyes are still bleeding
Turning my vision red
I’m falling like an autumn leaf
I’m spinning, falling down
Falling like an autumn leaf,
Spinning, twisting, falling down

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