Darkness Falls

May 28, 2010
Paralyzing thoughts and the buzzing hymn of an empty phone line
I can’t tell if it was just my imagination
Or the truth whirling in the air
Climax of an unwanted despair
Eyes adjusting to bright lights
Then collapsing at the trauma
I fall dead at the scene
Your voice is a cold seared knife
Cutting into my chest with a creeping desire to wound
I never deserved this yet I take it in stride
Like it’s not damaging my pride
But the truth lies stark naked
The deception that is no longer hiding behind biting words
Yes, I know the real you
Or I thought I did before the shortness of breath
Prophecy of the impending death
I crippled before you snapped
Yet I still thought about the final words spoken
“Not a heart in the world remains unbroken.”

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