Fighting Him

May 26, 2010
By beauty_and_blood PLATINUM, Noble, Oklahoma
beauty_and_blood PLATINUM, Noble, Oklahoma
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I see you there,
As I looks up, frightened,
Through my hair,
I feel the pain,
As you tell me,
To never do this again,
I cry and you hit me,
Again and again,
And I wonder,
Will it ever end,
You grab me by my hair,
I scream and kick my legs in the air,
Your hand lays hard against my face,
And now my heart begins to race,
You throw me across the room,
And I sense my meeting with doom,
You break my leg,
As I scream and beg,
From my arm, a sickly snap,
And I hear you horridly laugh,
My sight goes,
Blessedly black,
And my body,
A heart beat lacks,
I open my eyes,
To a bright light,
And I try once more to kick and fight,
But hands hold me down,
Many more than before,
They tell me to stay calm,
And I hear sounds coming from the door,
A siren, a light,
And hope fills my heart,
I don’t have to fight,
I lay there,
And stare,
Dazed I see,
The man I thought loved me,
Lying in the floor,
Blood all around,
And I realize he,
Hasn’t made a sound,
They check his pulse,
And nod, he’s dead,
I slowly close my eyes,
And lay my head to rest,
Waking again to the sound,
Its my family, crowded around,
Tears in their eyes,
I smile and say,
I am alright,
And in my life,
There is now light.

The author's comments:
i wrote this from a dream i had about a month ago.

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