what happen to us

May 26, 2010
By Anonymous

it was never ending,always growing,just apart of life
we said it every day thinking everything was just fine
never wonder to look out side this box,
content it what we called it..

when it came to us we said happness was just a part of it
love always growing,smiles comming and going
tear of so called joy fell from him face and mines
as if nothing was ever wrong

all the pain just was gone,
like it never even happen,or did not hurt us any more,
when really its just sitting in this pretty lil cell we know
as our hearts,

comming and leaving again and again,
I always end up standing by him again,
alway thinking about the times that he was alway,

how much it killed this heart on the inside,
knowing what he did,
listening the lie,stories,knowing in the back of my mind
it was true,

he blocked my blind side,shined a light in to my eye
then actting like it was just a evil twin or nothing happen,
why stay,why come back,why even think about him anymore

all just for a small word with a big impacked on life,
once more can I call you my baby,my everything
just once more let me,

telling myself to say no to him,my heart shine
saying yes,over and over
opening my eyes for this night cap,my eyes smile

telling him call me baby once more,just add the word bye
that last kiss,touch,smile and word
my heart can rest knowing its all over,never comming
or looking back,
it's good bye baby,
this is the end....

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