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April 23, 2010
By breakaway.from.death PLATINUM, Lehigh Acres, Florida
breakaway.from.death PLATINUM, Lehigh Acres, Florida
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'My heart is like a blackhole, It has no dark end.'

life can mean nothing,
especially when the days,
go by slowly.
each second ticks by,
and feels like an eternity.

you lose track,
of time.
the days end up,
melting together.
the one that you love,
is going to end up getting killed.

you start to ignore,
almost everything.
just trying to,
keep your mind busy.
making sure that,
your not remembering,
whats going to happen tonite...

your mind feels like,
a prison within.
you stop talking,
only when neccessary.
you block out everybody,
friends and teachers including.

your visions start,
to blurr quickly.
you cant see anymore,
only this salty liquid.

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