A Crying Soul

April 23, 2010
By Anonymous

I cry and I cry until my tears run dry
I cry more though the rears don't fall
I cry out loud I cry inside
My life is nothing now
I am consumed by the sadness around me
Filled inside me
Why am I alive I feel like I'm going to die
Why not now why not here why not why not why not
Thoughts like these echo around my head forever
Burying themselves in my mind staying for as long as they like
For forever
I myself am not important maybe someone else but not me
I once was until I lost everything I am helpless
I try to get it back but I can't do a thing I need help someone help me please

The author's comments:
I just started to write, and when I finished the final product was beautiful. I hope maybe you can read the depth of this poem, and see what I feel. The sadness is strong. I hope you can gleam how strong this poem is.

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