An Ignorant World

April 23, 2010
Where blind men can see,
deaf men can hear.
Call it a perfect society,
I call it a nighmare.
For it is an unnatural place.
It's as dangerous as my imagination.
This world where dead men can live
and brain-dead men can think,
sounds like unbalance at an unimaginable scale.
I'd choose to exist in a war-ridden world
that brings death upon the weak and diseased.
Call me evil, call me f***ed up,
I simply say it's my right.
I make a mental note of the ordinary man
and choose to recreate him in my favor.
Dumber, slower, and even more ignorant than before.
Because I feel that man takes his existence for granted.
He ravages the earth and slays it's bounty with no second thoughts.
His wars eliminate his own kind,
quickly bringing down the number of destructive men.
Fewer and fewer man begins to struggle,
famine, disease, and drought,
eliminating the unnecessary creatures called man.
True, not all of man deserves such a fate,
but the ones that selfishly destroy resources,
they should disappear.

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