Body Heat

May 28, 2010
By Chelley GOLD, Baltiomre, Maryland
Chelley GOLD, Baltiomre, Maryland
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Body heat is what i need,
Your warm embrace,
That comforts me.
I need to have you next to me,
One last time,
Before i can no longer call you mine.
Your gentle touch,
Makes my body erupt.
I know you want my loving embrace,
Because it's like a drug you want to chase.
Now life just feels so cold,
Because there is no one felt for me to hold.
I want the heat,
That I can only get,
After a long day of you making me sweat.
I always thought these feelings would last,
But now its time for them to become apart of my past.
The heat that we once had,
Is now so cold,
Like the other side of my lonely pillow.

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