The Sun Stove

May 28, 2010
By nlagymnast BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
nlagymnast BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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The sun heats an emerald fondue pot,
All of nature takes a dip.

The pot of grass is boiling over,
Occasionally provoking steamy spring showers.

Small plants rise and so does the mercury,
Soon the snow has sizzled away.

The sun beats on the branches ‘till buds pop like corn,
Flowers brighten with temperature, forming a field of fragrant, fuming fire,.

A spring medley salad of vibrant greens is coming together,
Tossed with beautiful blooming buds and dressed with morning dew.

The rotisserie Earth revolves slowly but surely,
Brown it’s cooking, green it’s done!

Dandelions spring like nature’s meat thermometer,
Letting everyone know it’s time to enjoy!

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