My Own Superhero

May 28, 2010
How can a lively, wonderful man as sweet as you, be dealt with something this terrible?
I just don't have a clue.

Battling your disease like a warrior against a longtime enemy.

You never complain, nor make a sound. Your like Muhammad Ali figthing his rounds.

Get up every morning knowing that the day might be tough. Thinking that the chemo will
not be enough.

I just wish that there is cure, So that your infected lungs can be pure.

I know this is a part of growing up, but the fact that I have to see you go through
this makes my mind go corupt.

Tears fill my eyes, as anger fills my heart. The emotions I am feeling, are all spread

I have to be tough and tell myself your going to be okay, and that I will be here for
you every step of the way.

I knows theres a fact of life, and everyone dies, but before you go I have to tell you these

I Love you so much, your a hero to me, keep fighting through, and just believe.

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