The Symphonies of Silence

May 22, 2010
By malgal3 SILVER, Uhrichsville, Ohio
malgal3 SILVER, Uhrichsville, Ohio
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"I shall not condemn you for what you did wrong yesterday, if only you do it right today"
"If you learn from your mistakes, won't you just keep making them?"

It is all around.
Music of the night
Music of the day.
Music, in silence.

Hear the sweet symphonies
Of the wind
Of the rain
Of the shimmering stars.
Silence screams the notes in our ears
Hearing the wheel of thought and dream turning.

Listen, it will call.
Close your eyes
And hear.
Hear it growing within you.
Hear the melodies of the grass and trees
They will be the ones to summon.

Sing Music’s song
But do not part thy lips.
Sing your heart’s song
The notes shall carry you forth.

A clock ticking
The breeze floating by.
It is all around
All one must do..
Open your heart
Open your mind
And just listen.

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on Aug. 9 2012 at 3:37 pm
Hmm...The truth always comes out. Things will always be discovered.  Always.  Just another reason.

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