sad little eyes

May 22, 2010
cage's lined side by side
sweet little faces all looking at me
whining softly sad little eyes
wanting to be loved. with there
broken shattered hearts
they wear beating.starved,abandoned
they are just looking for someone
to love, a soft warm place to sleep
an owner to feed and love them
to rub there bellies and rub there ears
to take them for walks
to tell them you love them
give them treats.and
let them sleep in your bed
make there hearts whole
once again that the other
people broke. reassure them
and make them feel loved
give them the life that they
deserved. never let them go
to never yell,beat,or mistreat them
they all just want to be loved
cage's lined side by side
sweet little faces
waiting for you to take them home

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