My Dad

May 22, 2010
By Kimii BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
Kimii BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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I wake up every morning to his tender care
Always there, bringing memories to share

My loving father helps me through the good and bad
He truly is the number one dad

When times get stressful I go to him
For he’s got all the right tools on the whim

He wants what is best for me
Always loving, kind, and helpful as can be.

He always lends a helping hand
Even when it is not planned

His smarts are above compare
A friendship, we do share

His little bee I will stay
Needing his presence every day

A young child I once was,
Here and there we would buzz

Holding his finger while spinning round and round
Wrapped inside his arms where I am safe and sound

His hard work pays for me to dance
He comes to every performance when he gets the chance

When homework gets tough
His mind is certainly buff

As I got older,
He got bolder

Always there to set me strait
Constantly winning the debate

His clever mind
Can change my mind

His opinions really do matter
Though sometimes I wish rather

For when he gets me in trouble,
The punishment is double

Through the lessons that he’s taught
I’ve learned not to be a snot

For this, I love my daddy a whole ton
When I am with him we have lots of fun

Sometimes Ice cream, he will buy
And when we’re together time does fly

A friendship we’ll cherish
It will never parish

I am forever his little bee
And he will always be the best Daddy

The author's comments:
My dad is the best dad anyone could ever ask for. He is very unselfish, and always is kind to everyone! I love him so much.

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