May 16, 2010
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with no regrets
with no reculation
i hide my fear
and i hide my pain

a place of solitude
a place far into the unknown
so far into nothing
so far from it all

losing what i have
losing what i know
forgetting all there is
forgetting all the good

becoming so hollow
so hollow inside
my heart it breaks
and fades into nothing

so cold i become
so distant i stay
deep into the dark
the darkest corner

i hide from it all
i hide from the shadows
demons they are
and demons they stay

shadows they roam
taking over you
taking you far
far from it all

you wanting to scream
scream all the pain
but no one will hear you
no one will care

you sit there and cry
silently you cry
a single tear
it runs down your cheek

curled in a corner
a corner so dark
you sit and you fade
as the blood it runs free

you do not remember
you do not care
who are you now
who were you then

so you lay there and stare
stare into the darkness
a darkness so deep
nothing is there

shadows they come
taking over you
no one is there
your all alone.

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