May 16, 2010
By ErosMethod GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
ErosMethod GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
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You haunt my familiar dreams
Beside me every night
This time
Kiss my neck
It's my hair you slowly caress
With all of your lying schemes
I can't put up a fight
Now I'm
Just a wreck
As I watch you slowly undress

She was always lying
Now my mind is dying
She was so pure
Until I found out
There is no cure

I'm sinking into space
And swimming up to the bottom
I want out of this place

The moon says hello
To all that are below
And she rises to the sky
Floating away and goodbye
I'm floating away….

Now I'm
Beside you every night
This time
I can't put up a fight
Damn your lying scheme
You crush my every dream
It's my hair you slowly caress
As I watch you quickly undress
Kiss my neck
Board the deck
Before the world sails away…

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