Blow Me Away

May 16, 2010
By ErosMethod GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
ErosMethod GOLD, Peoria, Arizona
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Oh my beautiful baby
Won't you save me?
I know, this is crazy
But you don't crave me

I hear your heart pounding
As my head lays on your chest
It's everything, sounding
Like the song of the blessed
I'm so high above
So deep down in love
And I, and I
Smell your taste
Hear your touch
What a waste
Life isn't much

So forget about me
I'll really miss you
As I let you go free
Just let me kiss you
One more time
One more time
Want more time
This is the time

So my precious darling
You can be the one to end it all
Enjoy the view and watch me fall
My life will come to an end
With no problems to mend
This pain will be done
I'll give you the gun
Just blow me away!
Life's just not right this way

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