May 16, 2010
By AnDDrew BRONZE, Niantic, Connecticut
AnDDrew BRONZE, Niantic, Connecticut
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Have you ever felt
Like reality is untrue
And the things people say
Never seem right to you

Have you ever tried to get away
Ever tried to decieve
The unjust system's
Punishment your bound to recieve

It seems like there's no escape
From the depths of evil
Even if you try to do good
They think there's more to reveal

Maybe there are skeletons in your closet
But you've learned your mistakes
They just don't seem to see
How easy it is to awake

And realize you were wrong
But they don't want to hear it
No matter what color, race, creed
The treatment's still unfit

They say the legal systems blind
But all they do is judge
And still the feeling portrayed
Is an automatic grudge

Nobody is perfect
So they should understand
We all make mistakes
And learn the best we can

The author's comments:
i decided to reflect on some of the things i see every day around me

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