May 16, 2010
By Anonymous

You've stolen my heart
Please keep it safe
It has been roughly handled
And not treated in a kind way
It's a little bit fragile
And a little bit scared
A little bit timid
And a little bit unprepared
For the storm that you have brung
its way
Its in a blizzard of emotion
And wants to run away
But....there is this little part
That really wants to stay
That's asking 'what if?'
And trusting what you say
Are you a thief?
Have you robbed me of choice?
Is it really love
that I hear in your voice?
Or is this just another cruel game that you play?
Don't pull me in close, just to throw me away
You've stolen my heart
Please hold it close
Don't let it suffer
Don't let it die
Infuse it with laughter
Show it there's joy
Treat it with kindness,
and you will find
There will never be another heart
that will love you like mine

The author's comments:
ive beeen hurted so much in love with these boys,but this one could be the one and im scared to open up.

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