She is alone

May 16, 2010
By abeautifullie SILVER, West Chester, Pennsylvania
abeautifullie SILVER, West Chester, Pennsylvania
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She is sitting all alone
on the bus stop bench
In the cold
She has been forgotten
So she's on her own
In this strange place she has to call home
Everyone whizzing around her
So busy
So rushed
Like the questions and thoughts running through her head
She wants quiet
Away from noisey streets
and loud cars
she needs escape
but doesn't know where to go
There is no one to turn to
No one to help her along
She's alone on this one
To face the world
With only her ipod to block away the voices
And her hood to shade her from the truth
She closes her eyes and lets the few small tears flutter from her eyelashes
and down her cheeks
She lifts a delicate hand to whipe them away
When she sees it
The ring
that was supposed to keep them together
It never did
She hears the bus brakes over her music
and looks up
This is it she thinks to herself
This is me leaving this crazy place I had to call home
She makes her way up the steps and drops in her money
Winding through bags and legs in the aisle
There is an empty seat in the back that she quickly occupies
The bus jolts forward and she stares out the window
Turning up the music as the tears begin to fall again
She wishes
it hadn't ended this way
but her heart is beyond his repair and there is no turning back now
She is own her own
She is escaping
She is on her way to where ever her mind leads her

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