May 26, 2010
I am me
I am a person with opinions
And I will let you know what is on my mind
What I say will be heard
What I think about politics or the world is my own
I express my self through music and writing
I can’t be cloned
My words may be mean at times but there only said to help
People may choose to like me or not I can’t change what they think
Yes I do still have a heart it’s just been hurt so much
That I start putting my walls up high
So no one can hurt me no one will try
I have been through a lot
I’m not complaining though
Mostly because I have faith and I know there is a plan for me
Mapped out and all
The things I go through are to help me and push me far
I want to succeed in my life down the road
I enjoy when people doubt me it gives me a chance to prove them wrong
I am independent
I am strong
What makes me tick are people with no respect for those who care
What I love are friends and family and people close and near
I am a fighter not a lover
I do work for what I have
I do make mistakes now and in my past
I don’t expect you to think I’m perfect
Simple as that
But just know I am me
Words thought and feeling all packed in one
This is just me
And now
I am

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