Her and The Stars

May 26, 2010
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Every single night I gaze,
I gaze up at the stars,
I gaze up at the moon,
And I wish that I could,
That I could have another shot,
To show her how I feel about her,
To tell her I love her,
To be the only to make her,
Happy when she is sad,
Or mad,
I wanna be the one to make her soup when she’s sick,
To wish her happy birthday 12 o’clock,
In the morning,
I want to be able to kiss her,
I want to be able to hold her in my arms,
But I mainly want her to love me,
I need her to hold me,
I need her to make me happy,
I need her to want me around,
But we all don’t get what we want,
No matter how much we want,
Or need,
So I lay here with my pillow in my arms,
Wishing that it is her,
Wishing that I could lay all night,
With her,
But all the shooting stars I see,
Will never grant my wish,
Cause I’m not worthy enough,
I’m not good enough for Charlotte,
I don’t think I’ll ever be…

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