May 26, 2010
By JTWAHL BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
JTWAHL BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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You are striking and invigorating
Your laughter brings an unrivaled reprieve.
When the days are drawn-out,
The nights are cold, and the heavens gloomy;
When everything seems wrong in the world,
I want some one with me
To smile with or shed tears
To dance with or hold tight

Life is fleeting, love is everlasting
Love transcends the hollow
Shells of our characters
When a laugh illuminates my day
And a mystery persists my musing
I know that you are a person
Worth seeking
Curiosity brings a promise

You seem flawless on your worst days
The desert exists within you
The moon cries out to shine
Upon your mystifying skin
I thirst for you as
A violent tempest
That searches aimlessly about
The ocean currents

Tell me, what are you?
Who did God create you for?
Under what fashion was his design?
You rip from my heart all of its inhibitions
My mind echoes a call,
My lips are a reminder of a ravenous longing
That only the nectar of your
Sweet breath can satiate
You mystify me

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