My Last Bite

May 26, 2010
By TheWorldsGreatest BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
TheWorldsGreatest BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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A “buzzing noise” generates from above the water’s surface.
I’m accustomed to it.
Metal splashes in the water,
Conceiving ripples that
Propel me to the bank.
I breathe deeply and humbly
As water passes through my gills.
Deranged geese frantically penetrate the pond.
The sharp aroma of nearby shrimp stiffens my body.
At first sight, I stride quickly to the meal before me.
I linger
Circling the prey, my hunger and my wits quarrel within me.
My stomach aches of desire;
Of need.
The odor radiating from the shrimp
Overwhelms my sleek body.
My appetite devours me.
I snag the shrimp.
The crustacean refrains.
With locked jaws, I jerk my body,
Defying defeat.
The shrimp tows me to the water’s edge.
I forcefully tug back.
A hook slashes through my thick lips.
Surprised, I am launched into the air.
I anchor on a soft, green surface.
I realize that bite was
My last bite.

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