Memory Poem ( My first 4th )

May 26, 2010
By Anonymous

First Fourth of July
It was my first Fourth of July and I didn’t know what to expect
Gathered around the lake, everyone seamed to be waiting for something
A signal, a sign, something
I thought it was pointless
I thought it was stupid
But unexpectedly I figured it out
I thought that I was going to die I thought it was war
Cowering in fear behind my mother
She told me with her soft words that she had to yell
“ Don’t worry baby it won’t hurt you, its fun!!”
Looking back at the lit up sky I saw what she meant
It was magnificent, beautiful, and wondrous like the return of an old friend
The lights and the images of rockets and stars swirling about
Dancing in the night sky
All the firecrackers cracking and sparklers burning
All the fountains of fire on the ground
Shooting up in many vibrant colors
The screams of joy the whooping
The hollering
The smell of the burning fireworks
The sight of the dazzling rockets
Shooting up in to the night sky
Higher, Higher, and Higher still!
I saw a quick white flash and two seconds later an extremely loud bang
Babies cried after that but the adults were giving off cries like Native Americans
This is the fourth of July and I will never forget it

The author's comments:
Teacher told me to do it so I just made something that I think sounds good

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