Bad Box

May 26, 2010
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I will put in the box,
A pair of old socks, they were starting to tear anway.
Why not put my socks inside of this box,
It's the same as throwing it away.

Inside the box, I put all my junk,
For it will be here nevermore.
Little and broken useless things, Won't be here anymore.

Inside of the box, I will put all the trash
That collects here every day.
Like I said, not too long ago,
It's the same as throwing it away.

My box will be no box,
For it would be more of a bag,
Filled up all the way to the top
And a bottom that will sag.

I will tie the top into a knot,
So tight it will not open
And put it in a bin outside
For a man to rid of for a token.

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