Sliver of Hope

May 25, 2010
By MicaelaLove BRONZE, Lehi, Utah
MicaelaLove BRONZE, Lehi, Utah
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I loved the way your eyes sparkled
They seemed like they knew everything I wasn’t saying
And that’s what I liked about you
Every time I saw you, my heart started to melt
And I got butterflies in my stomach
I could barely hold onto this feeling we both felt
Until my feelings became different
I knew it would hurt you
And it would effect me too
And I knew, you wouldn’t ever forgive me
But you did
I thought I had moved on
But I was so wrong
When I went back to you
You had no feelings for me
I knew I had to face the consequences sometime
But what I didn’t know
Was that it would hurt this much
And now
All I can do
Is just sit here
Sit here and wait
Wait for the day, when you will come back to me
But I know now
That day will never come
You told me
You told me that you were to never come back
But, I then told you, that I would wait for a lifetime
If I had to
You said to me, ‘that means a lot’
And what you just said,
Is the little sliver of hope that keeps me going

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