With Eyes Unclouded

May 25, 2010
By Anonymous

-There she goes again,
-Walking away; leaving a path of broken hearts behind her.
-She looks over her shoulder and you can tell she's not impervious; she feels their sorrow acutely.
-She traces their suffering into her own flesh with a blade called guilt;
-An uncontrollable razor.
-It kills her; more than it could ever begin to pain them,
-For she is the murderer; ridding the world of what she loves most.
-Her own worst enemy is undoubtedly herself.
-So there she goes again,
-Eyes uplifted; heart downcast,
-With tears that never dry and endless hoards of men who love her.
-Followed by countless numbers of fools who'd throw their life away to save hers;
-To save the life she's ashamed to be living;
-But there she goes again; grieving still.
-For now, with eyes unclouded, she see's her true motives and has reason to fear herself more than ever before.
-There has never been and will never be a person who is truly immune to the venom that is her compassion;
-Helpless, hopeless, hallow; she bears the burden of her guilt, her poison, her curse.
-Because he's just another who will walk away a victim
-And today is just another day she'll walk away alone.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about a guy i was with soon after the end of my most serious relationship. I truly cared for him i just wasnt ready or prepared to be with him, and i hurt him for it. Fun fact? I fell for him after i ended it and am still, to this day, trying to get him back.

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