Before You Fall in Love With Me

May 25, 2010
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Before you fall in love with me
A few words I have to say –
I must warn you.

I will send you, without fail,
A thousand love letters,
Some, voluptuous volume after volume
Of prose,
Others – only three words
Or a single rose.
I will kiss you every morning
And dance with you under the moon
You will have to grow accustomed
To my giggles and my swoons.
I warn you, faults I have.
Faults that will not go away.
But I’m sure that you will smooth them,
And sooth my angst away.
To my stubborn ways
I hope you will agree;
Still, I’ll teach myself to compromise
To say not “I,” but “we.”
The fact is, I adore you
But before you give me a ring,
I beg that you consider
All of the aforementioned things.

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