Remember Me, No Remember You

May 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Remember me,
the girl that thought,
thought something of you.

Remember me,
the one who would storm around,
wondering why,
why "she" wouldnt tell me;
about you.

Remember me,
the one you made incapeable promises to
the one you told everything to,
even things i shouldnt know.

Remember me,
the little girl,
who would cry at night,
wondering why.

Remember me,
the girl who loved,
loved you,
for something you were nto.

Remember me, No remember You!
the boy you still are now,
the man your supposed to be,
but your not.

Remember me, No remember You
the liar,
the alcoholci, drug abuser,
the loser.
But me; the one who still cant believe.

From there on,
You cant possiably see,
the new me,
standin stron,
with her mother, standing beside her.

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