Being Smart Only Gets You So Far

May 25, 2010
By carly... GOLD, Shorewood, Illinois
carly... GOLD, Shorewood, Illinois
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As I sit in this room
Just about dead from boredom
Sweating like a pig
Cause the AC is broken
I think to myself
"Does any of this really matter"
Sure being smart
Gets you farther in life
But if you really think about it
It only gets you so far
What about the friendships you make
Or the hearts that you break
What about the people you build up
And those who you bring down
The people who have your back
And those who want to stab it
They are the ones who push you down
And those who catchyou when they do
Life isn't all about smarts
When you really think about it
The part that really matters
Is the people who will stand by you

The author's comments:
I wrote this when it was 97* out and the AC was broken at my school... NEVER will I forget how hot it was

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