Live a Little

May 25, 2010
By Joseph123 PLATINUM, Paris, Other
Joseph123 PLATINUM, Paris, Other
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I try to live a little.

I don’t want us to be so sad,
And watch the weeks fly by.
When you should’ve been right there,
Or when you should’ve said “good-bye.”
I don’t want to watch you die
Alone in the blistering storm,
Of two hearts both struggling to beat
Measure for measure, as one.

So I cry in the daytime,
A little more or less every now.
But every piece of my heart marks his name.
And his name doesn’t budge to the wind—
Wintry wind whipping my tired heart.

I don’t want us to be too old,
And look back at the years.
When I should’ve held your hand,
Or when I should’ve held you near.
I don’t want to let the world,
Spin around with us so scared.
With me peering at your face,
Or with me failing to be close.

So I cry in the nighttime,
A little more or less every now,
But my heart is spelling his name.
And his name doesn’t budge to the vein—
Living vein I keep breaking again and again.

The hail comes down on my heart.
The light separates from the slating sky.
Moonlight veils two stars, struggling
To be close together. Dawn blossoms rose.

And the two stars are as bright as ever.

I cry, trying to feel as close as I can be—
To him.

I will live a little.

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