May 25, 2010
By Anonymous

America the free
or so we’re meant to believe
Tyranny and injustice, eliminated by
freedom, liberty, and the pursuit
But when did the pursuit become being pursued
We the free
or so we believe
have the power to select our leaders
and elect the rulers
to make choices and choose who holds our chains
Freedom in a system
designed to keep us down
is music in a room with no air
We are told it is there
but I see nor hear
So free are we
that our senators and governors
and congressmen and women
sit comfortably on their thrones of party politics
and college-level rhetoric and logic
justify manipulation in the name of personal gain
to the point that petty power squabbles
are mistaken for sacrifice in the name of freedom
So when are we, the free
to see a better nation, a better world
where the ones that represent
know the hardships and needs of those
that they advocate
and appreciate their pleas
So I await the day
that I see
a democracy

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