A Poem About Reading

May 25, 2010
By Susan Kingmen BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
Susan Kingmen BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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I fall down into a story
One that I can’t get out of
It’s just too amazing

I try hard but the words grab me like fishing hooks
Pulling pulling, I can’t get away
The pages are like waves when I’m on the sea
With every splash it leaves me wanting more

Opening a new book is like biting into anew apple
Crisp and without flaws
Every sentences leaves you hanging, wanting one more bite

Reading a good book is like winning an award
How have I been so lucky to win this prize?
It is better than a plaque and leaves you better than before
Is something that can be cherished for an eternity

Reading a great book is like solving a mystery
It leaves you thinking well into the night
But the best book will not give you the answers, you have to find them for yourself

When I read I feel like the main character running across the pages
Running to get to the end, but you don’t want to go too fast
Each word is like a breath I am taking
Filling my lungs with a new kind of air

Reading helps your brain grow in ways TV can’t
It makes you feel, and think for yourself
You get lost in the pictures your mind creates

Reading intices your senses
It makes you feel alive
It lets your imagination soar
Free as a bird

And when it’s over you feel bittersweet
You’re happy to know what’s happened
Yet sad it had to end, that is what reading is

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