The Fall

May 25, 2010
By Unwritten4Ever BRONZE, West Linn, Oregon
Unwritten4Ever BRONZE, West Linn, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom" - Robert Frost

The morning light and dew on grass,
Saw three sturdy boys come strolling past,
With the thoughts of chances laid out ahead,
Over a well-worn path they steadily tread.
These boys were strong, quick of mind,
Talk of youthful things and laughter passed the time,
And strapped to each back were things they’d need,
For both completing the journey then fulfilling the deed.
The sun and heat rose ‘cross a light blue sky,
Sweat dripped on the trail where the three passed by,
Undaunted by distance or fatigue or fright,
The trio pushed on and continued their flight.
In food and water they would only partake,
When many a mile had been left in their wake,
So endlessly they trekked, solely observed by the forest,
Traversing to the beat of nature’s shrill chorus.
And the march continued in silence through evening light,
Till the front in line called a halt for the night,
Then in a secluded glade, moss and sleep they did borrow,
As each dreamed of what lay ahead on the morrow.

The first bird’s chirp and light of dawn,
Showed evidence in the glade that two boys had gone,
But left untouched ‘mongst moss was the third in line,
For th’ others decided his sleep was worth staying behind.
Now the remaining two travelers were best of friends,
And moved on after leaving precious supplies as amends,
Unwaveringly they paced through valley and o’er hill,
Both vowed to the other in unquestioned will.
Finally, exhausted, the first boy called for a break,
And the duo paused to refresh by a lake,
With provisions being scarce the leader felt stressed,
While scanning the situation ‘midst the beat in his chest.
The second boy stripped as he prepared for a swim,
Unknowing of the journey’s outlook, increasingly grim,
And as the other took his dip the leader’s eyes shone,
Maliciously seeing his only hope, moving forward alone.
So leaving just enough for the other to survive,
The lone boy and leader started off with new life,
Darkness did not stop him nor supplies being few,
For desire forced him on to the end and away from the two.

The splatter of rain and echoes of thunder,
Witnessed the first boy whose group had fallen asunder,
Working his way up the side of high mountain,
Battered and torn, but as yet unbroken.
Now the goal and source of his quest within reach,
This final obstacle alone to be breached,
Images flashed like lightning before him as he rose from the dell,
Swiftly pushing them aside he struggled on through his hell.
The boy had been greedy, selfish, lustful,
He knew he was a traitor, a cheat, and untrustful,
But the thought of the finish was too much to bear,
So he reached for the ledge dismissing his betrayals w’thout care.
Using his last ounce of strength he tried raising himself,
Then still struggling ‘n slipping looked out over the shelf,
But the sight he was met with shocked his mind,
Standing before him the two companions he’d left behind.
Now needing their help to reach his flaunted prize,
He stretched out his hand and pleading, raised his eyes,
But the boys he saw, in fact, did not exist at all,
And there was no one to stop the great leader from his inevitable fall.

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