memory map poem

May 25, 2010
Money is green
hidden in a pink pig
the bank is mine
sitting in a lonely room
i come home and it's there
staring at me with its eyes black as coal.
i go and add more money, one by one,one penny, two penny, three penny more.
a nikle, a dime, a quater. slowly it all adds up for money i once wore.
I spent that money on a nitie for me, scooby doo, who was as cute as could be.
I wore it every night till dark and till morn.
my scooby doo kept me away from all the evil that came to play.
the shadows come from my closet door.
i wonder am i alone, or is someone inside there.
he boogyman was lurking inside waiting to find the child inside.
thats why the light of my mom shines through a night light to keep it all away, safe and sound.
i lay in bed so soft and sweet and slowly let myself fall asleep.
No one can hurt me here, my dreams awake the true beauty of life again.

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