May 25, 2010
By 2010123 SILVER, Boyne City, Michigan
2010123 SILVER, Boyne City, Michigan
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I have a few partners in crime
But my favorite would be you Grandpa
As I run though my memories of you
I find so many of us causing trouble
I remember those warm summer days
Swimming in your ant size pool
But we thought it was big
By the time we got done there wasn’t much water left
Or the summer nights racing on our scooters
We would both end up cheating in are own sneaky ways
I remember those wrestling matches, in the living room
And I will never forget those long car rides singing song after song
That drove grandma up the wall
I remember the hiking trips we took
You would row me across the lake with the anchors down unaware of what was happening
I would tell you to row faster and you would say
“I’m going as fast as I can”
It took us half the day
And half the row back before I realized what I had done
We would steel wood from the neighbors stack
I also remember the winter’s jumping of your roof
Your only problem was getting back up
I remember when I was really young I would tell people
I have my grandpa’s legs
I don’t know why I thought that but know I tell them I have my grandpas head, this time I know why I tell people that
Because I act just like him
We still have so much more time to make so may more perfect memories
And you will always be my favorite partner in crime.

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