monsters will distroy us all

May 25, 2010
By Lynxx BRONZE, Woods Cross, Utah
Lynxx BRONZE, Woods Cross, Utah
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live life the way you want to. not how other people tell you to.

good night my children, close your eyes tight, for there will be a monster tonight. a monster to distroy the evil souls that prey on the innocent. devouring thier hope and trust.
So do not open your little eyes my children, for I do not want you to witness the fear and desperation of the evil that must suffer.

Close your little ears for pain is never silent. The screaming and the crying will scare you my children, and you, the innocent, deserve the peace and the quiet that this world will soon have.

Close your little mouth, we don’t want the monsters to hear you and mistake you for the evil that tortures us, day after day. Cracking us a little everyday, with hopes that we might shatter.

Sleep tight my children, I hope to see you soon. Unless your face is covered by a mask, hiding all the evil inside. In that case, you will soon be gone, and the innocent will live free.

The author's comments:
this world is not a nice place, but i still love you all.

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