"Are You Home?"

May 25, 2010
By nikki273 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
nikki273 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Clearly the chime of the alarm went off
When I opened the door.
Clearly I am standing in front of you.

Of course not,
It’s the old woman who owned 100 cats
Died in the home that was here before ours
Now she’s beck from the dead
Wondering what we have done with her cats.

“Are You Home?”

I’m in my happy place
Which is down the foyer
Up the stairs
And to the right.

I just opened the garage door,
Walked into the kitchen,
Then dropped my book bag on the kitchen table
Like I do every day.

Ring Ring

“Honey are you home?”

No mom,
I just changed my cell phone number
So it would be
Exactly like our house phone number.

You called the house phone,
Don’t you remember?

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