The Moment

May 25, 2010
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They say, “Live in the moment.”
But do they?
Maybe I’ve never lived here
I’m a resident sure
But so I truly inhabit my body?
I long for quiet streams
We seem to think that living for the moment
Means running
Means rushing only to have the world flash by
We don’t live for the moment
We chase the moment
We are all trapped in an endless game
We are the cats chasing a mouse we will never catch

Diet Pills
Eating Disorders
Romance Novels
Working entirely too much
We sacrifice our souls

Maybe living in the moment means more
Maybe it means stopping
Perhaps it’s turning off our phones
Focusing on the person across the table from us
Perhaps it’s simply being quiet

This we bolt from
Why is the quiet so unnerving?
If we stop running, chasing:
If we end our rambling,
Then we begin to live
We analyze our souls
Then we have freedom

But we are afraid of our souls
Afraid of what we will find there
So we continue running
We make a mad dash from what is inside ourselves
Never to know our own true selves

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