Little Old Long Lost Lake

May 25, 2010
By spiel SILVER, Elmira, Michigan
spiel SILVER, Elmira, Michigan
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I was cruising down a narrow dirt road
Not knowing
Where I was going
Just keep on
Keeping on
As I appear over the hill
I see a sign
Next Right ?
Under, tiny lettering
Looks may be deceiving
I took it
In the opening of a bush
There she was
All calm and precious
I got out of my car
Just stood there to watch
The mommy duck leading the way for her babies
A canoe rested peacefully on the sandy bank

I got in and rowed
Not Knowing
Where I was going
Just keep on
Keeping on
I saw a sign on the bank
As if the lake was a road
Next Right ?
I took it
As I got closer
An insane splashing noise grew louder
Until I couldn’t hear myself think
How much of a bad idea this really was
I tried to row back
But the current was too powerful
I prepared myself for the ride of a life time
Soon I couldn’t even see
The fog from the falls swarmed into my face
In a split second

I was in the air tossing and turning
And fell hard on my bedroom floor
From the top bunk.
My head was gushing blood from the fall
I didn’t know where I was
I didn’t know what happened
All I heard was
“Andy call the ambulance.”
I stained a red spot on the new white carpet
Next thing I knew
We were going 105 down the road
I saw a sign
Next Right ?
We took it
Weaving back and forth like we were at sea
The vehicle came to a screeching halt
I felt a hot draft come in
“Get him out”
The vehicle caught on fire
It ran into an oil truck
“What are you doing?”
Mr. Fowler yelled at me
It’s just another hot summer day in Fowlers room

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