May 25, 2010
Putting on the last ounce of makeup,
Checking the laces on her point shoes
Fixing the strap on her leotard,
And checking for perfection…
The perfection that lies on the outside
is no where near their flaws on the inside.

It’s the tough time a teenager goes through,
Depression, disorders, and insecurity.
Although their show starts in twenty minutes,
Performing in front of hundreds,
These girls are not all self assured.

Feeling like they might faint,
They had a slice of cheese for the day.
Staying light, keeping their “figure”,
They dance like flying ghosts.

Knowing what’s outside this dressing room
Three scouts judging for the decision
That can determine the rest of their careers.
Who will become a professional and who won’t.
They stare into space, looking down, and looking out

Graceful hands lead their fragile bodies
Peaceful faces light up the stage
Like a rose blooming they twirl with such elegance.
The ballerinas know, it’s just an act.

They are like butterflies that transform off stage
Wishing to stay on the stage forever
That is when they are content and at peace
The second the music goes off,

War against themselves sparks yet again.

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IndigoE said...
Jun. 21, 2010 at 8:29 pm
I liked this because i love watching ballets and after the show i look at the pictures of the dancers and wonder what they were thinking while they danced. beautiful
citydancer94 said...
Jun. 18, 2010 at 5:41 pm
this is beautiful and so full of reality and truth. it is really sadening. good job all in all. i liked it, even though it revealed the reality which isn't always beautiful.
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