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May 14, 2010
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Running freely on a sandy shore,
Eating an apple right down to the core.
Boating the rivers and hiking the trails,
Building sandcastles with shovels and pails.
Driving the highways, loud music and style,
Relaxing with friends we won’t see for a while.
Spending our days chillin’ out by the pool,
Forgetting our worries and pressures at school.
Leaving behind another year gone,
Planting a garden, mowing the lawn.
Sweet barbecues and hot fire pit flames,
Cruisin’ downtown for Red’s baseball games.
Strumming guitar to our favorite tunes,
Slurping fruit smoothies on hot afternoons.
Toasting marshmallows til’ they burn inside out,
The dry stench of charcoal on a Friday cookout.
Stirring a pitcher of sweet lemonade,
Dinner together in patio shade.
Fishing with worms the old fashioned way,
Catching that fish if it takes the whole day.
Laying in sun just to get a good tan,
We’ve been here all day since the summer began.
Sipping a glass of delicious iced tea,
After 9 months of school, we are finally free!
Chillin’ out on a cruise, sunbathing all day,
Preparing myself for that midnight buffet.
Living the life; when it ends is a bummer.
That glorious season, my beloved summer.

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