Absent Angels

May 14, 2010
Cold Metal hugs the walls around me.
I sink to the ground;
My hearts hears Heaven's hymn
But my feet are too weak to take me home.

I tried to fight but,
even with all my might,
I was left with a fright-
All on that fateful night.

No angle came to free me;
The world closed in around me
I was trapped, enclosed in time and space.

I feel like an animal
trapped in a cage.
As the time passes
My petals will begin to wilt
and soon I will die.

Some think there is a hope
for tomorrow,
But I know.

No matter where the wind blows,
how bright the sun shines,
or how far the eagle flies
I am trapped.

Stuck in a mindless
timeless world,
always waiting
But never escaping.

I've told my story a million times,
to each passerby
yet no one seems to listen
because we are all caught,
in this tangled web.

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