Just Smile!

May 24, 2010
By saraarchuleta BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
saraarchuleta BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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Concerning smiles, there’s something to say.
Smile all night and smile all day.

Don’t walk into school with a frown on your face,
Be happy and smile! Around any place.

A smile is something that brings joy to the heart,
To friends and to family, for the most part.

When everything seems to not go your way,
Just smile! So that the world won’t be gray.

Each smile’s unique, depending on the soul,
For if you don’t show it, it’ll leave a big hole.

Many people in this world are sad and depressed,
A simple smile cheers them up, it shall be your quest.

When you feel all alone, like no one is there,
Smile and be happy! I’m sure someone cares.

So smile all day and smile all night!
For if you do this, it will bring great delight.

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