i dream of you, i still remember you.

May 24, 2010
i remember kissing you
holding you, your lips
i still remember your voice
how when you said my name
i shivered, how you could
make my heart skip a beat
how we met, when you asked me out
our first kiss under the moonlight
how you whispered sweet little nothing's
just for my ears, how you breath made me giggle
how we could sit and stare at each other for hours
not saying one word, holding each other all night
i still remember you

i dream of you, kissing you
you holding me, looking in my eyes
i dream of being with you forever
i dream of or first date our first kiss
how it made my butterfly's flutter
how it felt to touch your skin
how your lips felt on mine
how you would hold me and tell me you loved me
oh, how i dream, i dream of you
i dream of holding you, kissing you again
felling your soft skin on mine
running my hands threw your hair
seeing you smile, your cute little smile
your deep blue eyes. your dimples
i dream of marring you, spending my life with you
oh, i dream of you,
i dream you where still here, oh, how i dream

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