May 24, 2010
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Cobblestone scratches my bare feet as I reach the corner of King and Market. I decide to turn right and take the long way home because I haven’t had the chance to explore my new surroundings yet.
Historic homes line my path; the antebellum style makes me feel like I’m starring in a romantic film or like I’m the main character in a Nicholas Sparks novel. As I continue drifting down the dirt road, I reach an
Avenue of oaks. The trees swirl over me, creating a tunnel, and dip down as if to greet me. This southern town is much different from the big city I am used to; I feel like I’m in a fairy tale.
Rays of sun stream through the branches and caress my skin. The setting sun and multiple shadows combine to create a sepia tone around me. The steady,
Loud humming of cicadas neutralizes my thoughts, and my aimless wandering leads me to an old plantation. The
Essence of magnolias tingles in my nose, instantly bringing me back to my childhood. After memories of chocolate chip cookies, skipping stones, and late night phone calls begin to fade, I realize it’s getting dark. I turn around and am surprised by how far I have wandered.
Steeples dot the city’s skyline. I’m not sure if I’m even in Charleston anymore, but I’m not worried. I know the walk home will be just as pleasant as the one out here.
Thousands of stars are out now. I have never seen this many before in my life. In the city, I was lucky to see a few. Stars have been around forever, but tonight they seem so new to me.
Once I can hear the waves crashing, I will be close to home. But for
Now, I am content and prefer to roam.

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