Unloved Beloved

May 24, 2010
standing hand in hand
my brother is my love
unwanted children
tagged like cattle
my teacher
my wisedom
bigger than the love she showed
softer than the words she spoke
lifted to the holy home of grandmother
smokey summer night air
our laughter was the melody she hummed in the mornings
holding us close to her heart
as we hid from the phantoms
war cries
hell fire
man destroying man
abandoning grandmother
her earthy scent
of spring rain
still held in my braids
waiting for the mother
who left us silently
without a face
a smile
to remember
without a trail of crumbs to follow
entering the city of stars
which shined brighter in her eyes
when her love stroked her beauty
penetrating her heart with honey words
holding her near the dark corners of his mind
penetraiting me with his eyes
lechery is not left unnoticed
my voice became the blunt istrument
that ended his breath
can a simple hello bruise?
i will not take the chance
oh but how the words of the masters
spoke to my silence
but not my beauty
did i reflect my mother?
ignorant love
left my womb
a fluttering heart
a gift that settled and turned
inside the cozy home i made for him
kept him safe from the lecherous
caring for the woman
with tears still held in their stary eyes
hearts that of a child
keeping my master of lovehappy
carrying the roles of tainted money
limping from the soreness between my legs
a new pain over came the other
as my love punched into my chest
breaking the gift i thought he'd handle with care
falling to my knees trying to find the pieces of my heart
will i always be
the unloved beloved

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mindymax said...
Aug. 14, 2010 at 11:04 pm
i wrote this for the heart of maya
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