Thank You

May 24, 2010
By adch0394 BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
adch0394 BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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I have walked through the Valley of Death,
Where roses lay with a thousand thorns,
And ebony streams cascade to nowhere.
A shack my lonely heart called home.

In such a place where no fruit grows,
And knowledge is scarcely seen.
A place where I learned of better,
And a place I was bound to leave.

Still those thorns may graze my soul,
And still more so those rivers flow.
But I have left, and seen much better.
For I have left, and braved that weather.

Only with help was I able to go,
A friend of friends, I once called foe.
Now held in my heart far above others,
When bad storms come, we’ll brave together.

The author's comments:
About The Poem:
There are no words I could say to express the thanks I have towards my friends. Through the times in my life where I felt there was a bottomless pit in my heart that would never close, they helped to fill it. This poem is the only way I can thank them. It’s hard to really express how I feel to people, but through writing it becomes easier. Through this poem Thank You, I am thanking each of those people who helped me through my life. And at this present time, more so than any other, I thank my best friend. This is my thanks to him for helping me through the darkest point of my life.

My name’s Austin Donald C. H. I’m a sixteen year old y just trying to live my life. I attend Liberty High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I enjoy sports more than anything. I love to play soccer and swim. I’ve been through many things in my life that have made me a strong person.

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